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10 questions for the 10th birthday


1) Dear Emanuel, MOGLi is turning 10 years old. Can you describe the company in three words?
Oh, that's not easy. I think it's enthusiasm, appreciation and interest. It's not just about ourselves as a company, but also about the environment, our trading partners and, of course, the families we care about.

2) Is that also what MOGLi means to you?
Yes, for me MOGLi means looking at our present time in a different way: more open, more curious and with a lot of respect for nature, animals and fellow human beings. Little Mogli from the Jungle Book was the same way. He discovered nature, got involved with new things and made friends. That is still a source of inspiration for the company today, but also for me personally.

Founder Emanuel Schmock

3) Is that also the founding idea and purpose of MOGLi?
Basically yes. I wish that the connection with nature can grow in all of us. For example, by strengthening organic farming as a sustainable form of our food production. That's why we started 10 years ago with the first children's snacks in organic and Demeter-certified quality.

Spending time together in the forest is especially fun.

4) And which is your favorite product?
The Spelt Pretzels. Even as a child, I got a pretzel from my neighbors. In addition, our spelt pretzels also meet MOGLis ideal expectations: Quality, processing and the cooperation with our producer are really on the highest ecological and social level.

The spelt pretzels are Emanuel's favorite snack. And yours?

5) Besides the products, what is your highlight from 10 years of MOGLi?My highlight is a video shoot we did for the drugstore dm on a Demeter certified farm. Why? It all started at this farm. That's where I had the first ideas of Mogli with my co-founders. In 2021, our shots were featured in the dm story on Instagram. I was pleased that so many people were enthusiastic about sustainable agriculture.

6) You and your team - who is that actually?
OurMOGLi team is really colorful and diverse. The most can simply be achieved when different people come together and are allowed to live out their individual strengths.

Das ist unser MOGLi Team bei einem gemeinsamen Ausflug in die Natur.

7) That all sounds good. But hand on heart: What didn't work out so well?
Of course I'mproud of my team and happy that MOGLi has now been around for 10 years. But there are also moments when things don't work out. In the beginning, for example, I had to learn that it takes a lot more time, money and energy before an idea actually ends up as a product on the shelf. But we were always able to learn from the challenge

8) What are your top three learnings?

  1. Never forget what basic idea you started with.
  2. Don't get bogged down. Especially at the beginning, many impulses, opinions, and challenges are piling up on you. You should just keep focusing on the core idea so that you can really push things forward.
  3. And: Stop for a moment and be proud of what you have already achieved. Many companies only look ahead and then get into a rat race. It is important to appreciate the present as well.

9) What do you wish for MOGLi's future?
Iwould like to see a real sense of community: from the farm to the suppliers to our company to the store and the consumers. In challenging times, it is important that all of us remain interested in high quality food and organic farming.

Our MOGLi Nut Cream Bites are organic and taste great for the whole family.

10) Finally: MOGLi has a new packaging design?
Yes, we want to develop further and stay attractive for our fans. Only if we are all willing to buy products in Demeter certified and organic quality, we can promote biodynamic agriculture in the long term.

Thank you Emanuel

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