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What is Demeter?


It can be found on almost all MOGLi snacks: A small orange-green logo with the white lettering "demeter". Similar to the organic seal, the Demeter seal stands for specific quality characteristics even higher than those of the organic seal. But since the Demeter seal is not as well-known, we have 10 interesting facts about Demeter for you here.

1. Sustainable ingredients
First things first: the Demeter seal confirms that most of the ingredients in the respective product come from Demeter agriculture. This means vegetables, fruits and grains are grown in the most sustainable and natural way.

2. Higher quality than organic
Organic quality is great and Demeter even better: Because the guidelines of the association are much stricter than those of the EU organic regulation. With Demeter, you are buying the highest quality food, which is not only good for you, it's also good for nature.

3. Pure and natural: no flavours
To help children learn how natural food tastes, we at MOGLi use no artificial flavours or additives. After all, the intense and natural taste of fruit, vegetables and the like only develops when all the ingredients can be tasted. From our point of view, Demeter is the only one able to deliver this completely.

Snacks in Demeter quality are free of flavours and unnecessary additives (Image: MOGLi)

4. Special processing methods
With Demeter, not only the quality of the ingredients matters, how they are processed is also very important. So we deliberately avoid overly strong processing methods. Demeter certification is the assurance for all parents that the ingredients are preserved as originally as possible, including the nutrients our children need, especially when they are growing.

5. The oldest German organic association
Demeter e.V. was founded in 1924, making it the oldest German organic association. About 1,800 farmers take care of more than 100,000 hectares of land. More than 350 producers process the ingredients into delicious, high-quality products according to Demeter regulations.

6. Life in a cycle
Demeter farms are structured in a cycle and practice the most sustainable form of agriculture. The farm is viewed as its own organism that manages itself: the animals that grow up here provide the farmland with fertilizer. The soil remains healthy and fertile and in turn provides the plants with important nutrients. The plants then also serve as feed for the animals, making a farm according to Demeter standards a self-contained cycle.

7. No factory farming
Demeter farms only keep as many animals as they can feed with their own land. The animals live in a species-appropriate way on pasture with enough grass or in spacious stables with feed from the farm's own production. Because animal welfare is a top priority on the farms.


Animals live on Demeter farms with enough space and quite a lot of appreciation. (Image: MOGLi)

8. Natural fertilizer for fertile soil
Genetic engineering, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are out of the question at Demeter. Only natural fertilizers are used, such as manure from the animals that live on the farm. In addition, Demeter farmers appreciate natural helpers such as earthworms, beetles, spiders, lichen and fungi that loosen the soil and keep it healthy and fertile.

9. Special seeds 
In conventional agriculture, seeds are modified so that plants can only grow on certain soils and grow particularly quickly. In Demeter, such genetically modified seeds are not allowed. Instead, Demeter focuses on the natural needs of plants and promotes diversity of varieties.

These apple trees grow in a way that suits their variety. (Image: MOGLi)

10. Social togetherness is embraced
Anyone who buys products with a Demeter seal automatically promotes social togetherness in our society: many Demeter farms integrate people who need care or have organized themselves as solidarity farms. This means that a fixed group of people regularly purchase food from the farm to ensure the economic existence of the farm. The payment of the employees is also fair and appreciative.

And, after these 10 facts about Demeter , are you as convinced about the seal as we are? This way to our products, almost all of which are Demeter-certified.

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