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We are MOGLi: a sustainable snack brand that stands for nature, individuality and qualityand wants to grow wild together with you! Our namesake is the famous child from Rudyard Kipling's work "The Jungle Book". The brave and curious little boy Mogli grows up with animals in nature, and experiences one adventure after the next. He is individual, perhaps a bit peculiar, but above all devoted to the good things in life and very strongly connected with nature. And so are we!

This is what MOGLi stands for

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We care about nature, which is why we only use natural ingredients from biodynamic agriculture in our snacks. We also believe that children should spend as much time as possible outside !

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At MOGLi , organic and Demeter certification is not just a promise of quality, it is an attitude that is taken seriously and passionately embraced in various areas.

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We are committed to fostering children's individuality. We think the more diverse our society is, the better! Every child should grow up according to their own nature and be able to develop freely..

Every child should grow up according to their own nature and be able to develop freely.

We are MOGLi

Our MOGLi team is colourful and diverse. We are convinced that we can achieve the most when each team member is allowed to use and put their own individual strengths into practice.

From idealists and Demeter lovers to newcomers interested in organics and real doers & shakers: Together, we are working every day for you, to put the best organic snacks on the market that the whole family will enjoy. With our passion and commitment we want to convince you of our organic snacks in Demeter quality to foster awareness in the approach to nature.

Wir als Stiftung

Die Mogli Naturkost GmbH ist seit 2022 sog. Verantwortungseigentum, was rechtlich einer Stiftung gleicht. Das heißt u.a., dass wir mit unseren Gewinnen etwas Sinnstiftendes finanzieren möchten. Denn wir haben eine klare Mission: Kinder für die Natur begeistern und ihnen die Möglichkeit geben, die freie Natur kennenzulernen und zu lieben. Wir sind überzeugt, dass eine entspannte Zeit in der Natur für die kindliche Entwicklung wesentlich ist. Durch die Förderung von Naturerlebnissen und Umweltbildung für Kinder möchten wir darüber hinaus dazu beitragen, dass Kinder ein tieferes Verständnis und Wertschätzung für die Natur entwickeln.

Our story

Our founder Emanuel Schmock grew up a bit like Mogli himself: on a Demeter farm, very close to nature, animals and good food. Since 2012, he and a growing team have been continuously developing Demeter and organic snacks for the whole family.

Why? Emanuel was and still is concerned that organic and Demeter quality does not end when children are done with baby food. He wants to develop snacks for children with a small number of high-quality ingredients. In short: the best for the growing offspring and beyond.