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Nature and individuality – two pretty big terms. But they are actually quite easy to integrate into everyday family life. Your adventure blog has some exciting ideas in store for you. Have fun reading!

Interesse an biodynamischer Landwirtschaft?

Seit zehn Jahren entwickeln wir Snacks in Bio- und Demeterqualität. Gleichzeitig wollen wir das Interesse von Familien an der Bio-Landwirtschaft aufrechterhalten – gerade in wirtschaftlich herausfordernden Zeiten ein wichtiges Thema.

10 questions for the 10th birthday

It's MOGLis 10th birthday! So we asked founder and CEO Emanuel Schmock 10 questions. Read more about Emanuels top learnings, his highlights and how he describes the company in three words.

What is Demeter?

You can find it on almost all MOGLi snacks: A small orange-green logo with the white inscription "demeter". Similar to the organic deal, the Demeter certification stands for specific quality characteristics that are even higher than those of organic seals.

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