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Sunday is Forest Fun Day

In addition to its immense ecological significance for our planet, the forest also has a profoundly positive impact on our well-being and is an especially suitable place to introduce children to the wonders of nature.

Learn more about our connection to nature and why spending time in nature is so essential for children.

MOGLi's connection to nature

Our namesake, the curious child Mogli, grows up in the jungle as one with nature like no other child. With his friends, the animals, he experiences one adventure after another.

This connection with nature is our mission. As a sustainable family brand and expert in organic snacks made from ingredients from ecological agriculture, we at MOGLi have been responsibly shaping our approach to the environment from day one. We stand for the highest organic quality and agriculture in harmony with nature. But for us, it goes far beyond snacks: Since Mogli's jungle is quite far away, we invite you to join us in the local forest to experience Mogli moments here. Our motto, "Sunday is Forest Day," serves as a reminder to bring more nature into family life. Instead of stress, phones, and noise, we enjoy quality time outdoors with lots of play and fun. Will you join us?

Feeling like experiencing more of nature? Here are tips and materials for your next forest outing.  


Einladung in den Wald

Our proposal is to ritualize Sunday as a forest day: we observe how the natural environment around us is constantly changing. We delight in the song of the blackbird, the delicate sprouts in spring, we watch the majestic circling of red kites, discover fox tracks and unknown places. We also notice when rabbit burrows disappear, frogs no longer sing, or a small pond dries up.

When we celebrate Sunday as a forest day, we keep returning to nature - easily and uncomplicated. Great family moments are guaranteed here. We promise - a day in the forest will thrill your children and create beautiful memories for everyone.

Euer Naturblog

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