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Pizza Taler

Made with spelt and natural pizza herbs, our Pizza Taler are the perfect family snack for those who love a good taste on the go. Vegan and in Demeter quality, the delicious child-friendly circles should not be missing from any adventure, right?

More information

Nutritional valuesAngabe pro 100 g
Calories/energy1958 kJ / 467 kcal
Fat20 g
of which saturated fatty acids gesättigte Fettsäuren2.4 g
Carbohydrates61 g
of which saturated fatty acids Zucker4 g
Dietary fiber3.3 g
Protein9.1 g
Salt1.6 g
****Percent of the daily reference intake


spelt flour* 34 %, wheat floursunflower oil*, malt extract**,agave syrup** 2.8%, tomato powder** 1.2%, sea salt, pizza seasoning** 1% (paprika**, oregano**, pepper**, basil**, coriander**, rosemary**, thyme**, onions**, marjoram**), raising agents: monopotassium tartrate, sodium carbonates.

*from biodynamic farming

**from organic farming




May contain traces of eggs, peanuts, milk, nuts, sesame seeds and soy


125 g

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